“Veronica” was 18 years old when she came to FSTV with her parents for family counselling for anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. She was living at home, not working or attending school, and was in a same-sex relationship. Her parents were supportive but worried about how “stuck” and unhappy their daughter seemed to be.

She returned 4 years later with her parents because of anxiety and depression. She was experiencing gender dysphoria and was uncomfortable in her own body. She had come to believe that her true gender was masculine. The counsellor gave her the name of a psychologist who specializes in gender identity to arrange an assessment, and provided the name of a trans-friendly endocrinologist who could prescribe hormones if needed.

The counsellor met with her parents to debrief with them, as well as giving on-line resources including a book for family, friends and professionals about transsexualism. A year later “he” came in again for counselling and presented in a masculine way with a delightful deep voice. He had gone for assessment and started taking hormones, and now considered himself to be transitioned. He was much happier and said his doctor was weaning him off his anti-depressants. He now uses his male first name, and had a lot of questions about the next steps in the legal transition and referral for surgery. The counsellor provided the name of a lawyer who does pro bono work for trans clients.

Later he shared that the paperwork for name and gender change was complete, and his doctor had completed a referral to CAMH for assessment in gender reassignment surgery. He was still living at home with his parents, but was making plans to return to school for post-secondary education, had cultivated social networks and was involved in positive community events for trans young adults.

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