Since pioneering employee assistance programs (EAP) in 1974, FSEAP has become a leading provider of high impact counselling, wellness solutions and organizational consulting.

Why Choose Us

As the only national not-for-profit EAP provider in Canada, we strive to sustain healthy workplaces and strong communities. We are committed to designing and delivering services that meet the unique needs and concerns of organizations, their employees and family members—keeping employees healthy, productive and at work—enhancing the health and effectiveness of the organizations we serve. Now that’s a bottom line worth talking about.

Getting to the core

We believe that the true measure of an EAP provider is its ability to connect with people, to help them be their best, at home and at work. Our focus is to deliver services that have a meaningful impact on the lives of employees and families, and on the organization that employs them. We think that the greater demonstration of value is the quality of care that people receive. We believe that it isn’t the types of services, but rather the ways in which those services are delivered that differentiate EFAP providers. We’re better where it counts.

The real thing

We love our work. When people contact us, we make sure they have easy access to the right service for their specific need and preference. Our counsellors and wellness professionals are committed, experienced and passionate about what they do. They really care about people and helping them to make positive changes in their life and work. Healthy employees, families, organizations and communities are our corporate objective. These are just a few reasons why we’re seeing results as much as three times more effective as those of our larger competitors. When you contact FSEAP, you get the real thing.

Everything an EAP should be

No organization is immune to mental health problems and the impact they can have on a workforce. Today’s organizations are faced with the need and responsibility to effectively manage the risk of employee mental and physical health issues through proactive and responsive leadership, support programs and services. FSEAP’s services take a comprehensive and integrated approach to employee and workplace health and resiliency. We offer a continuum of services designed to help organizations support employee wellness and create a mentally and psychologically healthy workplace. When you choose FSEAP, you are investing in the most stable, experienced, high-impact EAP specialist in the business.

Changing your world.

Most organizations today are committed to corporate social responsibility with initiatives that support charitable causes, community participation, and environmental and social responsibility. These values contribute to a healthy workplace and community culture. FSEAP shares these values, but with a unique difference. We are the only Canadian EAP provider structured as a social enterprise. Choosing FSEAP is not only good business, it’s also good for our communities.