The fseap program provides support to organizations to improve workplace mental health and safety, improve working relationships, increase productivity, and strengthen resiliency in employee teams and all levels of management.


Crisis Counselling and Personal Counselling for Employees

fseap provides counselling, interventions and resources to assist employees and their families work through the challenges of personal and work life.

  • Fewer attendance problems
  • Fewer injuries and accidents
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased employee loyalty and retention
  • Increased managerial effectiveness


Healthier Workplace Supports

fseap supports the creation of a healthier workplace through supports such as lunch-and-learn series, workshops and training sessions, health fairs and other health promotions.

  • More functional work environment
  • More effective team dynamics
  • Fewer personality conflicts
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Reduced distress among employees
  • Higher level of success and satisfaction for everyone in the organization


Critical Incident Response Services

No one can predict when a critical incident will strike in the workplace. This abnormal event triggers an unusually strong reaction and has the potential to interfere with the coping skills of either an individual or group. This can lead to work-related difficulties as employees begin to struggle with lower energy levels, job avoidance, burnout or an overall decline in job satisfaction and effectiveness.

Critical Incident Response (CIR) and Crisis Management is a professionally coordinated response that is effective at guiding employees through crises. Provided by a team of CIR-trained experts, these services offer employees the opportunity to lessen the effects of post-traumatic stress by talking about the trauma and their reaction.
Services provided include:

  • 24/7 Telephone crisis support for employees and employers
  • Critical incident consultation and management coaching
  • Onsite clinical response and support for individuals and groups
  • Post trauma stress counselling
  • Reduced distress among employees
  • Critical incident defusing and debriefings
  • Reduced need for sick or stress leave
  • Significantly lower number of resignations following a critical incident
  • Decreasing cumulative stress reactions
  • Employees return to a normal level of functioning following a critical incident


Management & Workplace Consultations

Healthy employees contribute to a successful workplace. At fseap, we are committed to helping you, the manager or supervisor, to respond to difficult employee, team or workplace issues. Whenever you detect indicators of organizational distress, our fseap professionals are available to consult and work with you to intervene effectively with a troubled employee, team, or workplace.

  • More functional work environment
  • More effective team dynamics
  • Fewer personality conflicts
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Higher level of engagement from everyone in the organization


Utilization Reporting

fseap provides regular utilization reports to our customer organizations. These reports track utilization and program data and provide valuable information to Human Resources and organizational management regarding the issues being presented.

We take strict care to ensure that we provide non-identifying statistical information to protect the confidentiality of individuals accessing the program.



To learn more about implementing an employee assistance program through fseap Thames Valley for your organization, please contact:

Brenda Tipping, fseap Administrator at 519-433-0700 ext. 8301 or toll-free at 1-800-433-0701

Website portal for corporate clients:

I appreciate this service more than words could say. It has helped improve the lives of me and my family ten-fold. I had no idea that options like this existed and I am very grateful. My counsellor was the perfect match for me. Thank you!

Participant of FSEAP