Due to the COVID pandemic most of our groups have been suspended.

Coming Out Over Coffee has gone virtual – see Events page for details.

FSTV runs a number of psycho-educational and therapeutic groups dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, sexual abuse (male survivors), rebuilding after separation/divorce, and others.

  • Coming Out Over Coffee
    A professionally facilitated drop-in discussion and support group for people over the age of 19 who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, two-spirit, queer, or who are questioning. (Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month) – Drop-in, no pre-screening required.
  • Men Moving Towards Healing – Coping and Support
    A group for adult male survivors of child sexual abuse with focus on understanding the impact of sexual abuse and developing coping strategies to gain a sense of stability in daily life. (8 weeks)
  • Communication Skills Group for Couples
    For couples who would like to improve their communication and relationship skills. (8 weeks)
  • Rebuilding after Separation and Divorce
    This group helps men and women work through the impact of separation on their lives (10 weeks)
  • Men Managing Emotions
    A psychoeducational group for men who want to learn strategies for identifying and coping with stress, anxiety, anger, depression and other emotions. (6 weeks)
  • Managing Anxiety and Depression – For Women
    For women who suffer from anxiety and depressive symptoms, and who can benefit from support and symptom management. (10 weeks)
  • Men Moving Towards Healing – Healing the Impact of Abuse
    A group for adult male survivors of child sexual abuse with focus on processing the impact of the abuse and on the survivor’s sense of self, safety and connecting with others. (12 weeks)
  • Act on Life Not Anger
    For men & women who would like to better understand their anger and who would like to learn conflict resolution and assertiveness skills. (8 weeks)

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