For use online, or downloaded into Excel creating your budget has never been easier.

Credit Card Payments
Lets you compares three different options to pay off your credit card balance.

Get Out of Debt
Work out a debt repayment plan based on your balance, how often you can pay, and interest rate.

RRSP Predictor
Estimate how much your registered retirement savings plan will be worth at retirement.

Investment Interest
Find out how your investment will grow over time with compound interest.

RESP Predictor
Estimate your child(ren)’s future education costs, and see how your savings will cover costs.


Educational Resources

Get Smarter About Money
Learn the basics about planning for the future, making investments and your protection.


How to File Your Taxes
Learn how to do your own, or how you can get your taxes done for free through the CVITP.

Government Benefits
Learn about the benefits provided by the Government of Canada, and how to apply.

Free Credit Score
Read along to learn how to access your score from Equifax and TransUnion, free of change.

Bankrupcy Options
If you cannot pay your personal bills or debts, you have options. Find out what they are.

Legal Issues
Get help navigating the legal system, your rights and responsibilities.

For Kids and Teens

Money Management: K-12
A list of money management topics and tools broken down by grade level and age range.

Your Money – Students
Issues specific to students, laid out in clear and straightforward language.

Bringing Home the Bacon
Test your financial know-how with this Jeopardy-style game, created by FSTV and mindyourmind.