Services include:
  • Resource Information and Referral – Providing comprehensive information and referral to appropriate community services
  • Case Management – Assisting individuals to develop support plans of their choice.
  • Advocacy – Advocating with or on behalf of people having difficulty accessing service.
  • Crisis – Providing crisis management in situations where there has been a drastic change in support needs.
  • Community Development/Education – Assisting individuals and families to link with natural community supports.
  • Criminal Justice Coordination – Providing advocacy and support required to navigate the Criminal Justice System.

For more information, please contact the Community Integration Program at 519-433-0183.

  • Empowers individuals to live more independent and satisfying lives
  • Support in navigating community resources
  • Support people through crisis and problem solving to enhance stability and connection to others
  • Support to understand personal rights and responsibilities while developing self advocacy skills

Transition can be a difficult time. The services at FSTV are just wonderful.

Participant of Adult Protective Service Worker Program

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