You might need our help if:

  • You make the minimum monthly payment on your credit card
  • You are receiving collection calls
  • You don’t have any savings for a financial emergency or retirement
  • You regularly pay your bills late
  • You have been turned down for a loan
  • You struggle to stick to a budget
  • You are stressed about your financial situation

Contact our counselors to:

  • Learn about a debt management program to avoid the cost and consequences of bankruptcy
  • Stop collection calls
  • Reduce stress, fear and anxiety
  • Understand personal finances including budgeting
  • Receive help to deal directly with your creditors
  • Rebuild your credit rating
  • Improve your financial security
  • Restore hope and well-being

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Credit Assessment

Helping you understand your financial problems and suggest possible solutions. You make the decision, and we help you help yourself.

Debt Management

If you’re falling behind with your payments and want to avoid bankruptcy, we can negotiate with your creditors to establish a repayment program over a period of up to five years. Many creditors also stop interest charges in these cases.

Budget Counselling

Supporting you and your family to set and stick to a budget. We help you set goals, track and evaluate your progress, and equip you with the skills for success.

Community Education

We are always happy to provide a speaker for school, community, church, and employee groups who are interested in budgeting and credit issues.

Bankruptcy Counselling

If you have already filed an assignment in bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, your trustee might refer for counselling. These sessions help you understand what went wrong, and how to avoid problems in the future.

I don’t think I can thank you enough for helping me out of debt. Hopefully I’ll never need your services again. I promise to never let it get out of hand and to set a good financial example for my kids.

Participant of Credit Counselling Program