The Clinical Internship Program at Family Service Thames Valley offers an opportunity for master's level clinicians to advance their skills in systemic therapy and to gain experience in individual couple and family therapy.

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Internships run for 10 months beginning in September and ending on June 30. The timeframe has some flexibility and can be negotiated to meet the needs of applicants. There are 10 internship positions available in the program.

Application Process
Applications to the Clinical Internship Program are accepted throughout the year. An applicant wait list is maintained. All applicants are required to submit the following:
  • A short essay stating professional plans and particular interest in the FSTV Clinical Internship Program
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of graduate degree
  • Letters of reference from two professionals who can attest to the applicant’s educational background

Successful candidates will be required to undergo a Police Vulnerable Sector Check and final acceptance into the Clinical Internship Program is dependent upon this being secured. Reimbursement will be provided, but is contingent on the intern maintaining status in the program for at least six months.

Applications should be forwarded to:
Family Service Thames Valley, 125 Woodward Avenue, London, Ontario N6H 2H1
Internship Requirements
Interns participating in the Clinical Internship Program are asked to:
  • Provide a minimum of five client interviews per week
  • Make a 10-month commitment to the program.
  • Attend weekly two-hour theory and skill oriented seminars
  • Attend weekly individual clinical supervision meetings
  • Provide any additional time required to complete case documentation to agency standards
Applicant Requirements
Internship positions are offered to individuals who have completed the following:
  • A Master’s degree in a related discipline
  • A clinical practicum
  • Graduate level courses in the related area and/or substantiated professional experience in the identified areas

The Internship Program has made a significant impact on my life. From the Seminars and the clinical supervision I have learned so much about various therapeutic perspectives and techniques. My scope of thinking about therapy and life has broadened incredibly!

Clinical Internship Participant