LGBT2Q+ Network: Community Standards of Practice

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, 2-Spirit, Queer + (LGBT2Q+) Network of London and Area is a public directory of organizations and service providers who have committed to specific Community Standards of Practice related to serving LGBT2Q+ communities.

The Network’s Advisory Team coordinates the directory, using the Community Standards of Practice* as a tool to identify and improve access to inclusive resources and services for LGBT2Q+ communities.

To be eligible for inclusion in the Network, an organization or provider must read and agree to the Community Standards of Practice, which are outlined below. The directory will be posted on the Middlesex-London Health Unit and London InterCommunity Health Centre websites, and may be duplicated on other organizations’ or providers’ websites.

Joining the Network

If you provide a service in London or area, submit a completed Standards of Practice Application Form (PDF below). You can send it electronically to any member of the Advisory Team, or mail your printed copy to: 50 King St., London, ON, N6A 5L7, ATTN: Leanne Powell. Please feel free to include any further relevant information. Updates to the directory will be made on a monthly basis. As a service provider or organization, you may remove yourself from the directory at any time by writing to the Network’s Advisory Team.

Any organization or person who provides a personal service is welcome to join! This includes stylists, barbers, physicians, community and social service agencies, dentists, physiotherapists, tutors, support workers, dance instructors, counsellors and everyone in between.

Membership in the LGBT2Q+ Network simply means you are committed to the Standards of Practice. There are no dues, fees, meetings or specific duties (other than as specified in the Standards of Practice) required for membership. If you would like to join the Network, but have questions about one or more of the Standards of Practice, or are still working toward LGBT2Q+ competency, connect with a member of the Advisory Team for resources, support, or more information on how to become part of the directory.

Download the LGBT2Q+ Network Community Standards of Practice Application Form

LGBT2Q+ Network Advisory Team

The LGBT2Q+ Network was founded through a collaboration between staff at the Health Centre, Middlesex-London Health Unit, and Family Service Thames Valley. These staff now make up the Advisory Team, who are here to support you or your organization to become a part of the Network. If you have any questions regarding the Network or the Standards of Practice, or if you are interested in further consultation or training to help you become part of the directory, please contact a member of the Advisory Team:

Leanne Powell, BScN, RN
Public Health Nurse, Sexual Health Promotion
Middlesex-London Health Unit
(519) 663-5317 ext. 2352

Zachary Templeman, BA
Health Worker, Transgender Communities
London InterCommunity Health Centre
(519) 660-0874 ext. 313

Coming Out Over Coffee

This is an open and casual discussion group to create a safe and confidential space where LGBT2Q+ and questioning individuals can share, engage, and discuss issues affecting their lives including coming out to friends, family, neighbours and co-workers.

View our Coming Out Over Coffee Flyer.